This is Classic Perspective.

We specialise in luxury travel, making booking your luxury holiday, simple.

No longer will you be overwhelmed by a tsunami of information, thanks to beautiful page designs giving you control of information.


Creating a breeze of confidence and standing out in the saturated travel industry is not a easy task to achieve, but we believe we found a way. Though removing costs for booking and also charging no fee for advertisements, we can shine though the market offering a factual service that can't be bought, unlike other travel sites online. We focus on building Confidence.


From the simple position of a candle to the aroma that greets you on your entry, Luxury is a hard nut to crack. This is why we go to such great lengths to assure all of our featured resorts and activities offer 100% satisfaction to our clients.

Classic Perspective explores vigorously before a hotel is displayed online. Once published monthly performance reviews take place assuring our pages are kept current, and quality remains strong.

Travel By Name
                 Travel By Nature

We would like to take you on a journey, not through time and space but though our philosophy. Classic Perspective is a new way of thinking, a way of exploring and seeing the world. Venturing into the unknown but in style, the name is Perspective, Classic Perspective.

“Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination” – Roy M. Goodman


Classic Perspective sprung to life in early 2018, with the aspiration to rewrite how the travel industry is perceived as a whole, reengineering the basics of a travel website, and regaining the trust of the customers and hoteliers alike. This was not a simple ambition nor was it a simple task to achieve. The idea formed while vacating on the tropical island of Bali, when Classic Perspective's founder Grant Dullage, grew tired of the man hours dedicated to researching and finally booking a resort with the clear assurance and confidence, for your new home away from home is at the standard one desires when booking Luxury.

By understanding the root cause within the travel industry first hand, we pledged not to contribute to the saturated market but to use first principle thinking to redesign a platform that would not only be beautiful, simple and easy to navigate but one which sticks its customers beyond profit.


Our pages are sleek, simple, but effective. We bring the control of information to you, by neatly nesting tabs coherently in prime view on hotel pages, allowing the information to be desired to be seen with a simple click. By adding this simple feature you save time from scrolling down neverending pages trying to discover one key piece of information.

We also don't bloat text, by carefully choose key points and information to display, not long uninteresting paragraphs suppressing simple answers to sort after questions.

We also harbour beautiful photos to await you on the turn of every page. We collaborate with resorts to maximize the beauty of a photo, arrange private photoshoots if needed to get the perfect shot we see fit for a page. We understand a photo has the power to inspire, and motivate hench we let you seen as much of the hotel for yourself. It is not all about us either, along with our photos taken by hand, and photos from hotelier photographers, we use a clever line of code to integrate Instagram hashtags within hotel pages, allowing you to see anyone photos who have been lucky enough to stay in a paradise resort recently. Its not just about our perspective.


A number of hotel and travel companies have been known and still, do allow payments to manipulate an article, or just to appear on a hotel site with a little payment. This leads to untrustworthy companies and sticks profit ahead of its customers. Here at classic perspective, we don't allow costs to manipulate us nor do we take payment or commission of bookings. This works great for us, not only do we build strong and trustworthy connections with our customers and allow fall transparency, but we save you money.  Okay, and I guess this has also been a huge factor to why we are highlighted within the industry. With regards to our hoteliers, this is great as there is no gamble of marketing fees and also allows us to focus on building a long-lasting relationship.

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