Frequently asked questions

How does Classic Perspective choose what hotels are featured?

To be added to the Classic Perspective portfolio a hotel has to be extraordinary regarding its architectural design, facilities, service, and overall feel one receives while present. Unlike many other companies, we do not charge hotels a fee for being part of a Classic collection, instead choosing to keep confidence that every property is truly remarkable.

What special treatment do I recieve from Classic Perspective?

Traveling with Classic Perspective is an incomparable experience which we guarantee to be remarkably memorable. Our background is dealing with celebrated artists, creating one-of-a-kind holidays with unparalleled service which we bring to all of our travellers.

Whenever you book a hotel or holiday through us, we surprise all our travellers with special WOW moments, from organising a surprise ice-cream bike to meet you in the middle of your safari game drive to arranging Santa to meet you at the bottom of the ocean whilst snorkeling in the great barrier reef we make sure to give you bragging rights about your holiday.

You'll also receive extras in all our hotels, (it could be a private banquet, a tailored day tour, a bottle of champagne on arrival or something else). We do not have set extras for guests, instead choosing once we understand guests' personalities and preferences.

What is the deposit for?

The deposit is a percentage of the stay cost taken to secure your reservation when you book with us. It’s not an addition to the cost of the stay, and is deducted from the hotel booking total. The deposit is fully refundable if you need to cancel, provided you do so in writing before the hotel’s cancellation policy comes into effect.

I’ve got back from my stay and I’d like to give feedback. Who should I send this to?

If something went wrong with your stay, or if there’s something you think the hotel needs to address urgently, please let us know by contacting your personal travel tailor. If you have feedback about the consultant themselves, you’ll find a link on your confirmation to do so. Anything positive will be relayed straight to them, but if you feel their service could have been improved it will be addressed as part of their ongoing training. If something went wrong with your stay, or if there’s something you think the hotel needs to address, please let us know by contacting us.

What is Classic Perspective's payment and cancellation policy?

We always follow the hotels’ own cancellation and payment policies. Any deposit paid will be refunded to the card used to book, provided the cancellation is made within the hotel's stipulated cancellation period.

How do i cancel my booking?

If you need to cancel for any reason, please do so by contacting your travel tailor. We'll contact the hotel for you and advise if we can process the cancellation. If you cancel before the hotel's cancellation policy comes into effect, any deposit you have paid will be refunded.

Can you hold the room for me for 24 hours?

That’s directly down to the hotel’s policies. You can check with your personal travel tailor and they’ll let you know if we can hold the room for you.

Are airport transfers included?

They are not included in the room rate, unless specified, but your personal travel tailor can arrange transfers for you, including charter flights - just ask when you book.

I'm trying to be more ecologically aware as a traveller. How can I search for sustainable hotels on Classic Perspective's website?

At Classic Perspective we’re doing our best to promote greener travel options and sharing details of where you can reduce your ecological footprint. Most hotels in our portfolio practice sustainability initiatives - use locally sourced and organic products; build with natural or locally sourced materials; participate in waste reduction initiatives and recycling programs; use water efficiently; are energy efficient; are involved in conservation projects; and give back by investing in the local community or employing local staff at every level. Hotels that contribute in significant manner receive the 'Sustainability' icon on their page.

How can i support wildlife conservation initiatives?

As the world enters a decade that’s set to be defined by transformation, restoration & regeneration, our efforts are fully aligned with global conservation goals. At Classic Perspective we recognise that the requirements for the future must be nurtured today, that's why we promote hotels that participate in conservation and anti-poaching projects with a goal to make a difference to wildlife. Hotels that contribute in significant manner receive the 'Conservation' icon on their page.