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Into The Wild: Vipps New Hotel Situated In The Forests Of Switzerland

Grant Dullage
April 20, 2020

The renowned Danish retailer Vipp, known for their lavish and extraordinary furniture and household appliances, have stepped into the hospitality industry. Vipp is now offering guests the opportunity to stay amongst the trees in a prefabricated micro dwelling in a Swedish forest. The company is, of course, well established in the home furniture sector, and best known for their pedal-controlled metal waste bins and minimalistic sofas. The company itself refers to its newest project as "an untraditional hotel concept. The minute you check-in at the Vipp Hotel, it's fully booked," the brand explained, "because the Vipp Hotel is not a hotel in the traditional sense. Instead of offering many rooms in one location, Vipp offers one room at different destinations."

With Vipp already utilising their steelwork within their products, the company put it to the test with the 55 m2steel pod, Vipp shelter. The shelter itself is a liveable design object dropped down in nature. The shelters are surrounded with panoramic views of lush forests, vast lakes, and they are set in a relaxing atmosphere with the sounds of nature or, in the evening, the calming crackling sound of the fireplace.Prices start at 1,000.00 euros for two nights. Keep in mind the shelter is only available for two people.

The shelter itself is referred to as "a battery-charging station for humans".The metal and glass Vipp shelter was designed by the firm's creative director Morten Bo Jensen. It is completely fitted out entirely with Vipp products, all of which are available on the company’s website. This allows all the amenities to offer its guests the quality and premium design for which the company is known. For the mornings, a selection of coffee pods for the Nespresso machine and fine tea is offered as well as access to the private pier for a dip in the lake. The designers also incorporated WiFi, underfloor heating and a modern, yet traditional, fireplace for the winter months, which within minutes heats the atmosphere to a near perfect temperature, perfect for when guests dry off after a long soak in the walk in shower.

The prefabricated cabins, are located just north of Copenhagen, and for guests, who fall in love with the shelters, they can be purchased for a cost of €485,000 (£410,700). By far the most standout feature, and what one is instantly drawn to on first viewing, are the windows providing a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape from the open-plan living area, thanks to large sliding windows. A bedroom is tucked away in one of two chimney-like chambers protruding from the roof, with the other containing a skylight.

The shelter is set on the mythical lake Immeln, where numerous bays and more than 200 islands makes it an ideal place for canoeing and fishing. Kilometres of trails make ideal surroundings for cyclists and hikers. With various hiking trails in the forest and canoe rental's 100 m from the shelter, it is a perfect location for a summer and winter destination. For more information check out Vipp's Webpage.

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