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The Minimalistic Audo Hotel Where "You can buy everything you see"

Grant Dullage
April 20, 2020

The Audo, located in Copenhagen central district is a beautiful and modern concept that masterfully unites co-working, event facilities, a café, restaurant and retail area with a 10 room hybrid hotel. This is where, MENU’s portfolio of furniture, lighting and accessories are presented and experienced in this new and authentic way, which has redefined how people conceptualise a showroom. Audo itself has already been awarded the title of New Concept of the Year at the 2019 AHEAD Europe hospitality awards.

Menu's range of lighting, furniture and home accessories is featured throughout the property, along with a number of other products from 20 other high quality brands also available to purchase. In a interview with Dezeen the Danish brand said the building highlights the "multidisciplinary, unifying nature of design". "We wanted Menu to take a new approach to running a design business through openness, knowledge-sharing and collaboration," explained Joachim Hansen, director of Menu.

The furniture at Audo is changed on a regular bases which provides guests with unique experiences that are never the same, as well as to showcase new products from Menu and other featured brands. The hotel itself occupies a 1918 building in Nordhavn, which is a industrial part of Copenhagen which is home to the city's ports and cruise docks and next door to the trendy neighbourhood of Østerbro, populated by cafes and shops.

At The Audo concept store you can purchase any part or all of it, so you can take The Audo experience home. From furniture pieces to the linen and robes from our residence to the cushions, accessories, crockery and even stationary can be purchased at The Audo Concept.

For bookings to the Audo, guests can contact:

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