Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much

- Helen Keller, American author -

Our Community

Tourism has the power to change lives for the better.

Classic is heavily focused on sustainability and giving back. It is at the heart and soul of everything we do. Our ethos is to be low impact, community and conservation oriented to the core and to have a significant positive influence on the people around us. If local communities can experience direct benefits linked to tourism, they immediately become more invested in protecting the wilderness around them.

Create opportunities for locals.

Classic Perspective operates in many destinations around the world, and the majority of our ground agents are hired from local villages and communities. This gives locals the opportunity to not only have access to a foundation within the tourism industry for future employment, but also allows money from tourism to have direct positive impact on local communities. Percentage of local ground agents in our top holiday locations can be seen below:

- Kenya 99%
- Maldives 95%
- South Africa 91%
- Sri Lanka 98%
- Tanzania 99%

Great Plains Foundation

The COVID-19 pandemic’s ripple effects are broad; leaving virtually no industry, economy, or continent immune. As travel and tourism were brought to a standstill, wilderness areas and lodges were left empty and national parks and protected areas faced a severe drop in tourism revenue.  Rangers were left with their salaries uncertain and without the tools and resources they needed to protect wildlife. This “perfect storm” of conditions is leaving many endangered animals highly vulnerable to wildlife crime.

In the face of lost tourism revenue driven by Covid-19, Project Ranger fills a critical gap in supporting the wildlife monitoring, surveying, and anti-poaching operations of existing NGO’s in Africa. It is an emergency fund supporting those on the front-lines of conservation; supplementing the budget deficits of local ground partners by funding salaries and providing operational support for wildlife monitors, rangers and anti-poaching personnel.

Great Plains Foundation and Classic Perspective have partnered to support the work of the Protect Rangers in Kenya. Great Plains will receive a donation from us every time a holiday is booked to any of our African destinations.

Community partnerships only work if our commitment to local communities is so deep that they trust that what we’re doing – preserving this land – is in their interest.”