A live video consultation

We are pleased to now offer video appointments with experienced SIANA consultants, conducted in the comfort of your home. Each consultation is tailored to your unique needs and harness intimate knowledge of our collection, having experienced their dedicated destination and properties there first-hand, allowing us to provide personalised advice.

All our consultations are complimentary and are for a duration of 30 minutes, allowing ample time to discuss the topic of your choosing. All are conducted live via video on your desktop, tablet or mobile device. A 4G or WIFI connection is required.

Enquire Form

You can also enquire regarding a hotel, villa or holiday booking using our enquire page, which will put you in contact to one of our dedicated travel tailors.

Other Means of contact

Should a virtual consultation not be your what you fancy, we invite you to visit our Contact Us page for alternate forms of communication, including Whatsapp, phone, enquire form and email.